Ultrasound Technician Schools in California

California the nation’s largest state provides plenty of opportunity for ultrasound technicians starting out in the state. At the present, there is high demand for trained sonographers so there has never been a better time for attending one of the ultrasound technician schools in California and experiencing what this excellent career has to offer.

To become an ultrasound technician you will need to attend a college or certificate program that typically lasts two years. Most commonly, ultrasound technicians entering the field have earned an associate’s degree from one of the sonography schools in California. While associate’s degrees and certificates are popular training options, you will find some California schools offering bachelor’s and even masters degrees in the career field.


Sonography Schools in California

The state offers many options for finding training in this field. The programs are offered in all regions of California especially around the larger cities such as Los Angeles, San Francisco, and San Diego. To get started, obtaining information from ultrasound technician schools near you should be easy and fast. Most colleges will let you request information through their websites and can even arrange to meet you in person to show you their facilities.

Below are some of the ultrasound technician schools in California you may consider.


Fresno, CA
Website: www.communitymedical.org
Degrees: Certificate
Concentration: General, Cardiac


Cypress, CA
Website: www.cypresscollege.edu
Degrees: Certificate
Concentration: General


Los Altos Hills, CA
Website: www.foothill.edu
Degrees: Certificate, Associate
Concentration: General


Richmond, CA
Website: www.kpsahs.org
Degrees: Certificate, Baccalaureate
Concentration: General, Cardiac


Loma Linda, CA
Website: www.llu.edu
Degrees: Certificate
Concentration: General, Cardiac, Vascular


Costa Mesa, CA
Website: www.orangecoastcollege.edu
Degrees: Associate
Concentration: General


Alhambra, CA
Website: www.plattcollege.edu
Degrees: Associate
Concentration: General


Santa Barbara, CA
Website: www.sbcc.edu
Degrees: Certificate
Concentration: General


San Diego, CA
Website: www.ucsd.edu
Degrees: Certificate
Concentration: General

Choosing a School – Accredited Sonography schools

When making a choice on which of the ultrasound technician schools in California to attend, finding an accredited program should be important to you. Accredited sonography programs receive this designation after they have been evaluated and meet the standards of the Commission on Accreditation of Allied Health Education Programs (CAAHEP). Having an accreditation is important for schools and students alike. This shows employers that the school provides consistent skills training that aims to meet the needs of the sonography profession.

Choosing a School – Know the Programs Available

Knowing which program to attend is also important when you are in search of a sonography school. Certificate programs and associate’s degrees are most suited to get you started working in entry level sonography positions. Bachelor’s and master’s programs will take a considerably longer time to complete but will also help build a high level of knowledge in the profession. Completing these programs also provide access to higher paying salaries and responsibilities when starting out.


An associate’s degree program for sonography will put students through a comprehensive training program in sonography as well as include college courses in traditional subjects and fundamental medical training. These two year programs will have students complete the college’s core requirements usually consisting of math, writing, and other elective courses in science and humanities. After completing the college pre-requisites, students are provided many hours of hands on training and classroom education in ultrasound technology.

Many sonography schools cover the following areas throughout the program:

  • Sonography for Gynecology – Studies of sonography practices used in examining the anatomy and reproductive tract of female patients
  • Sonography for Obstetrics – studies the development of fetal growth, the sonographic measurements and accepted standards in the field
  • Vascular Sonography – Provides understanding of the circulatory system and the use of ultrasound to examine patients who may be experiencing concerns with the organs, tissues, or cells that make up the vascular system.

Certificate or Diploma Programs

For some who already have a degree in an allied health profession such as nursing or radiology, sonography certificate programs are a good option for expanding expertise in the medical field. Certificate programs often attract current professionals that are looking to move into another area or provide more services in their current jobs. These courses take a shorter period of time to complete mainly because they cut out a lot of the pre-requisites that need to be taken in an associates program. Often, the focus here is to learn the job through practical experience and specialized classroom training.

Deciding on which level of education will depend on what experience you have and the amount of time to complete the program. When finding a sonography program you will want to find out from the school what entry pre-requisites there are for the program you have your sights on.

Job Expectations

In California, many of their large cities offer opportunities for finding good stable jobs in the field. Because of California’s large and diverse population there is great demand for diagnostic healthcare. Ultrasound technicians who are bi-lingual or multi-lingual will get heavy consideration when applying for jobs as this is a great attribute to have because technicians will work with patients from many cultures.

The salary for an ultrasound technician in California is the highest in the country. In the state the profession earns more than many of their allied health counter-parts. On average ultrasound technicians earn $81,750 per year working in the state of California. Most available sonography jobs are in or around the larger metro areas of the state such as Los Angeles, Orange County, San Diego, and San Francisco where there is exceptional demand for workers who are trained in the field.