Ultrasound Techncians Schools in New York

Do you live in New York and want to become a diagnostic medical sonographer or ultrasound technician ? If so you’ll probably want to check out the different ultrasound technician schools in New York.Now is an exceptional time to enter the sonography field. Like many allied health professions, hospitals are finding qualified sonographers in short supply. Over the next decade the profession is expected to grow rapidly as new and exciting techniques are utilized in the field. Sonographers in New York are amongst the highest paid allied health professionals earning an average salary of over $65,000 per year.

What Ultrasound Programs are available in New York?

There are generally three types of training options to get professionally qualified to practice as an ultrasound technician in New York.  The programs available are certificate level, Associate’s degree or Bachelor’s degree. The length of the course will depend upon your choice, experience and past training in the medical field.


If you have experience working or training in the medical field a certificate program may be reasonable choice for advancing in the medical workforce. Colleges, hospitals, and vocational schools often provide more accelerated programs to earn a certificate or diploma credential faster than a degree seeking program. Current medical professionals pursue the courses a lot of times to add skills or transition to another area in medicine.

In certificate programs much of the studies are focused on the technical aspects of ultrasonography and developing the practical skills needed during internships. These are most often beneficial to current health workers because the need for introductory medical courses is often unnecessary which will lead to a faster completion time. Generally, certificate programs last one to two years depending on the institution.

For those starting out without any previous experience pursuing an Associate’s degree in diagnostic medical sonography from an ultrasound training school will prepare you for employment in hospitals, clinics, or medical offices. An Associate’s degree program typically lasts two years. Ultrasound technician schools in New York provide classroom training in addition to clinical studies to gain hands on practice in the workplace.

Associate’s degree programs provide a thorough training experience for those new to healthcare or college courses in general. Before entering the specialized training that an ultrasound technician receives, students will have to complete the entry requirements for their school. The entry requirements needed to begin ultrasound technician training will include the college core studies requirements such as algebra, communications, computer skills, and physics. In addition to the core studies, students will take classes in the fundamental medical requirements such as terminology, ethics, physiology and anatomy.

After obtaining an Associate’s degree and completion of the clinical training students will be able to enter the workforce or take the medical sonographer examination provided through the American Registry of Diagnostic Medical Sonographers or ARDMS. The certifications are important in the job search as they solidify the technician’s skills and expertise in sonography and set them apart from non-certified technicians.

Another type of degree to consider is a Bachelor’s degree. Bachelor’s degrees in medical sonography cover a wider knowledge of sonography and typically last four years. The training received in a four year program will include a much broader area of study in sonography and are often pursued by students who are interested in research or management positions in the industry.

Having a bachelor’s degree in sonography offers benefits over other courses. Though the program last longer, job seekers who hold bachelor’s will find themselves in higher paying and more senior positions when entering the field. The degree indicates to employers that they have been very thoroughly trained which will set them apart from other candidates.

Accredited Ultrasound Programs in New York

There are several schools in the state offering ultrasound technician training. One of the most important aspects when choosing an ultrasound technician school in New York is ensuring that the institution has been accredited through the CAAHEP. The Commission on Accreditation of Allied Health Education Programs that evaluates and certifies that training programs to adhere to high standards. Obtaining education with an accredited institution is important as this will lead to less difficulty finding a job or joining the ARDMS.

In New York, there are several colleges accredited through the CAAHEP to provide training in diagnostic medical sonography. When choosing a college it is important to contact them directly to find out more about their offerings. Key considerations such as programs offered, availability, scheduling, and of course, cost all should factor into which program is pursued.

Below is a list of accredited ultrasound training schools in New York :

Sanford Brown Institute – New York, NY
Website: www.sbnewyork.com
Programs Offered:
Certificate in Diagnostic Medical Ultrasound

Sanford Brown Institute-Garden City – Garden City, NY
Website: www.sbgardencity.com
Programs Offered:
Certificate in Diagnostic Medical Ultrasound

Rochester Institute of Technology – Rochester, NY
Website: www.rit.edu
Programs Offered:
B.S. – Diagnostic Medical Sonography

Sanford Brown Institute-White Plains – White Plains, NY
Website: www.sanfordbrown.edu/White-Plains
Programs Offered:
Certificate in Diagnostic Medical Ultrasound

SUNY Downstate Medical Center – Brooklyn, NY
Website: www.downstate.edu
Programs Offered:
B.S. – Diagnostic Medical Sonography