Ultrasound Technician Salary – Latest Statistics

An ultrasound technician is also called as a diagnostic medical sonographer and is one of the most essential elements of the medical and health care fraternity. Their duty includes preparing patients for the ultrasound procedures along with the keeping and maintenance of ultrasound equipments. According to experts, Ultrasound technician salary is one reason for the increasing number of technician in the health industry. An aspiring sonogram technician must pursue a bachelor’s or an associate degree in an accredited diagnostic sonography program. You can enroll yourself to an accredited online program, community college or by getting training in major hospitals. On a whole it takes between 2-4 years to become certified sonogram technician.

Average salary of an ultrasound technician

The annual median  salary is currently stated to be $65, 201 which comes around $31.35 an hour. To the down side the salary might go as low as $44,900 but a trained technician can even make an income of $90, 600 annually. Ultrasound technician salaries rank among some of the highest salaried of medical technicians. Great employment viewpoint with high earning potentials make ultrasonography a well-liked choice among job seekers.

Factors affecting the salary

– Training and level of education
– Geographical location
– Employment facilities

These are the factor that count of the most and next is the years of experience. The number of years that you have put into this job will play an important role in the ultrasound tech salary. Someone with a year of experience can earn around $35,000-$50,000 and it keeps on increasing a touching the last slap of $90,000. Another important factor that affects the salary is the location. Smaller towns such as Alabama and Florida would pay comparatively lesser than big cities like Oregon and Massachusetts. If moving out of the city for your career, research well if the average salary of the ultrasound technician pays enough for a comfortable living or not.

The top 5 five employers of ultrasound technicians are surgical hospitals and general medicine, physician’s office, diagnostic laboratories, professional colleges and universities and outpatients care centers.

Earning a higher salary

An ultrasound technologist can choose to specialize in abdominal, gynecologic or neutral diagnostics. A certification degree or specialization in any of the above will lead to better opportunities and increase in salary. Health care is an ever expanding field and the growing need of trained professional easily predicts the possibilities of a thriving career. Having associate’s degree not only assure you better placement but also assists you getting great increments with years of experience.

As per the Bureau of labor statistics, the job outlook of ultrasound technicians is quite promising with an increase of 44% openings available by 2020. With ever increasing demand, the salaries reflect a growing value of sonography in the medical world.

The verdict

Ultrasound technician salary has increased many folds over the couple of years but this shouldn’t be the only reason for you to choose a career like this. This is one decent career to pick that really pays you well.