The Science And Technology Of Ultrasounds

Ultrasound technology falls into the category of diagnostic imaging. Diagnostic imaging is crucial in the medical field as it allows the attending physician to see actual images from inside the human body and this gives them the means to provide an accurate diagnosis. The need for medical care is increasing throughout the world and trained healthcare workers specializing in the imaging sciences are in high demand.

Ultrasound technology used sound waves that produce an echo which can then be translated into an image that can be seen by the naked eye. These images are then used to diagnose a large variety of different ailments from within the body, from the many organs, to the muscular-skeletal system and more. One of the most commonly known uses is in the field of obstetrics, where ultrasound imaging allows the doctor and the patient to actually see an unborn baby.

Ultrasound Is Really Safe

Ultrasound technology is very safe. There is no radiation or other harmful elements in the use of an ultrasound. This allows the technology to be used in many more areas than traditional x-rays as ultrasounds are quite safe. The equipment used in ultrasound technology is quite advanced and ultrasound technicians, also sometimes known as sonographers must be trained in this ever-expanding science.

In order to train to become an Ultrasound technician, one must usually complete a program that can take from two to four years, depending upon the college or program. Much of the education is hands-on, working under a supervisor as experience is necessary to become skilled at the profession.

Ultrasound Training

After the specialized training is completed an ultrasound technician can expect to find a career working in hospitals, diagnostic imaging centers, clinics, doctors offices and treatment centers. It is also possible to work in a specialized field such as obstetrics, cardiology or even anesthesiology.

The science of ultrasound technology is constantly improving and changing. Therefore continuing education throughout your career is mandatory to keep yourself updated on the latest developments and changes in the field. If your career aspirations include managing other ultrasound technicians you may consider augmenting your education with other skills such as communication, management and business administration.

In The Field Of Obstetric They Use Ultrasound For…

  • Gestational Age – or how far along the baby is.
  • Fetal viability scan.
  • The location of fetus.
  • Number of babies – Twins etc.
  • Look for any obvious major abnormalities.
  • Any chromosomal abnormalities – Down’s syndrome etc.
  • Look for fetal movement and a heartbeat.
  • Determine if it it is a girl or boy.

The field of ultrasound technology is continuously advancing and the need for highly qualified and trained ultrasound technicians growing. The career possibilities for a highly trained ultrasound technologist are very promising at this time.